This G55 AMG wagon is powered by a 12 Volts electric engine. It’s opening door, daylight leds, and seatbelt will give your kid his first driving experience in a luxury car. With a top speed of 7 kilometers per hour and its remote control you will theach the next generation to drive safly and tastefully. […]


BMW 323i E30 1985 NOS

This 1985 BMW E30 323i is just a New Old Stock car. With only 260 km it is as original as it can be when it was leaving the Munchen factory 32 years ago. Equipped with the 2316cc inligne 6 it produce 150 ps and 20.9 mkg of torque. Fitted with the “good” extras : […]

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This 1975 Austin Mini (not a real cooper as there where not produced between 1972 and 1985) is a tribute car from a Steve Mc Queen fan. Based on the 1000 model (instead of a 1967 1275 cooper S) it is disguised in the same brown beige custom paint. Fun to drive, the classic mini […]

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ALFA ROMEO GTAm Replica 1969

This 1969 Alfa Romeo Guilia is a replica of the famous 70’s GTAm race car. Based on a 1750 model (the same one used for the factory race cars) it’s fitted with the high reving Bialbero engine, a limited slip differential, a rollcage and the widebody kit. All of these is FIA compliant with the […]

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Mercedes 350SL 1976

This 1976 Mercedes 350 SL is equiped wit the usual 3.5 liters M116 V8 engine but a quite rare manual 4 speed gearbox. The yellow / black combo is very appealing on the pictures but you will have to face the car to check that you can live with it. Make sure you get rid […]

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Mini 1275 GT

In 1969, under the ownership of British Leyland, the Mini was given a facelift by stylist Roy Haynes, who had previously worked for Ford. The restyled version was called the Mini Clubman, and has a squarer frontal look, using the same indicator/sidelight assembly as the Austin Maxi. This 70’s Mini 1275 GT is powered by […]

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Corvette C4 Greenwood 1985

This 1985 Corvette C4 is powered with a 350 cubic inch (5.7 liters) L98 V8 engine and a 5 speed manual gearbox. Equipped with the Tuned-Port fuel Injection it is rated with 230 bhp, not that much, but deliver a lot of torque. The Greenwood aero 8 piece body kit give a lot of attitude to […]

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Talbot Lotus Sunbeam 1981

This 1981 Talbot (ex Chrysler Europe) Sunbeam is powered by a 2172 cc 16 valves 4 cylinders Lotus engine. With 155 ps, it fly from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds and can get you at 200 km/h. Lotus was comissioned by Chrysler to develop a rally version of the Sunbeam. The resulting ‘”Sunbeam […]

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Range Rover V8 1977

This 1977 Range Rover is powered by the Buick-derived 3.5 liters V8. With 130 ps based on two SU carburetors and a permanent 4X4 transmission, this tuscan blue classic RR is the perfect match for your weekend family drive. With its small bumpers and vertical grill, the first generation Range Rover is the perfect combination […]

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